At Score More Tutors, we meet your child WHERE THEY ARE.  We provide one-on-one individualized instruction in your home or in a public facility.  We work with YOUR schedule and set sessions based on what works best for you.  And we see RESULTS.  Our mission is to provide high quality private tutoring services that promote learning and confidence in a positive learning environment. Score More Tutors is committed to working closely with students and their families to provide customized, private tutoring instruction that helps students achieve their academic goals.

Our intake staff is trained to assess initial needs and match up highly qualified tutors to guarantee a successful tutoring plan.  We will develop a goal-driven educational plan to assure student success.  Academic plans will identify goals, targeting student’s unique needs and learning styles.  With detailed planning, ongoing communication and monitoring, and motivating engaging lessons, Score More Tutors will make a positive difference. Our goal is to help our students manage their goals, build confidence, improve grades, and achieve success.

Our tutors are highly qualified, experienced, engaging and motivating.  They are passionate about teaching and learning and will bring new ideas and motivation to the learning process.  With your permission, our tutors will contact classroom teachers and work hand-in –hand with what is being instructed in the classroom.  We can reinforce classroom work, help with homework, provide enrichment, review for tests, work on strategies for organization and test taking and provide encouragement.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  If not pleased with the tutor assigned to your child after the first session, we will arrange for a new tutor and provide an additional session at no charge.  We offer a referral program and will provide an additional session free if the referral results in a new tutoring contract.