My tutor from Score More Tutors was GREAT!!  I needed help with math on the SAT’s.  She worked through the problems with me so I had a deeper understanding of them.  She also taught me effective test taking strategies to improve my math scores on the SAT’s.  After working with her, I improved my math score by 30 points and now qualify for scholarships from the schools I applied to.

-Julia Pampalone, Franklin Regional High School

The instructors at Score More Tutors did a great job of preparing me for the college entrance tests.  I was able to better organize my thoughts for the essays.  They helped me review grammar rules from middle school for one part of the English exam.  I learned strategies to solve the problems in a more time efficient manner.  I was given the opportunity to practice the various types of problems I would encounter on the SAT & ACT tests.

Score More Tutors helped me raise my score my nearly 200 points.

-Rachel Rizzardi , Penn Trafford High School