Test Preparation Tutoring

We offer comprehensive private test prep services for State and National tests including Keystone, SAT, ACT and ASVAB.

Score More Tutors offers comprehensive private test preparation for SAT, ACT, Keystone and ASVAB testing.

Gaining acceptance to the University of YOUR CHOICE is becoming more and more difficult each year.  Competition to some universities is fierce and the need to MAKE THE GRADE is becoming more important.  Now is the time to take the important steps to INCREASE SCORES and showcase your abilities.

Not all students do well on standardized testing.  Pressure, test anxiety and tension play a huge role when expectations are placed on scores.  Score More Tutors have certified experienced tutors who are qualified to help boost scores and achieve success.  We are able to identify learning styles and assess strengths and weaknesses, enabling us to focus on what are best for you.

Our tutors are knowledgeable about the subject material and test question formats. For the SAT, we provide instruction on how to best take the test and provide “tricks of the trade”, testing strategies, to help with multiple choice questions, free response for math questions and essay questions.  For the ACT, we provide direction and strategies for the sections involving Mathematics, Reading, Science and optional Writing.

High school students are required to pass the Keystone State Assessment test with Proficient scores.  At Score More Tutor, our tutors are prepared to address weaknesses in Algebra 1, Biology and Literature.  We identify strengths, determine prominent learning styles and pinpoint areas of weakness to remediate.  Our tutors are experts and passionate about these content areas and use motivating, encouraging methods to guide students through their weakness to achieve success.

Our military is the greatest in the world.  We salute all those who serve to keep us strong and safe.  Score More Tutors is dedicated to help those who wish to enter the military with ASVAB preparation.  The ASVAB is a multiple-aptitude test that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military.  Testing includes areas related to:  general knowledge, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge, writing assessment, math knowledge, electronics information, auto and shop information, mechanical comprehension and assembly of objects.  Score More Tutors has military veteran educators who are highly qualified to prepare students for this testing.

Our goal at Score More Tutors is to help students move on with their goals… We successfully prepare them to demonstrate their knowledge and ability to accomplish and exceed those goals.


  • ASVAB – Military Entrance Examination
  • Private school entrance exam
  • Assistance with college application and essay
  • SAT/ACT Subject Test preparation
  • AP Exam preparation
  • Keystone Remediation (state testing in Algebra, Biology and Literature)
  • PSAT preparation
  • SAT preparation
  • ACT preparation